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Writing in the September 2 Washington Times, conservative lawyer Bruce Fein argued, "The amendment would enervate self-goverment, confound the cultural sacralization of traditional marriage and child-rearing, and clutter the Constitution with a nonessential."
While "Papadi" follows in the same vein, using a stomping chorus to enervate the listener, Vives brings the tone down on "Quiero Verte Sonreir." It's a wonderfully arranged ballad, managing to be sensual and romantic without falling foul to cliche "latin lover" songs (i.e.
I do not underestimate this power to enervate, intimidate, destroy work, to harm spirits, consciences, bodies, peoples.
The work doesn't seem to enervate him, as it would for some executives his age looking considering retirement.
Why the East and the city enervate while the West and nature energize is a complex matter to Crane.
'The majority's interpretation (of plunder) tends to enervate the potency of the plunder law's force,' she said.