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Second, never do enervated conditions--like those that Skowronek admits seem to exist during Grover Cleveland's second, nonconsecutive, term--abate until presidents (like William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt) succeed in reordering and rejuvenating politics (1993, 48).
The result, the authors say, is an enervated movement, peopled by exhausted elders, who are bitter because they failed to pass the ERA, make abortion accessible, fund child care, or get men to wash dishes.
If we succeed, we will better serve the public interest and bequeath to our successors a profession strengthened, ennobled and invigorated rather than enervated, demoralized and diminished.
and 5) an esthetic of decadence unique to a fading empire that also happens to suit the taste of an enervated avant-garde.
Rue des pas perdus follows the peregrinations of a series of characters as antitypes in an urban setting: a postal employee, his co-worker and lover, and their enervated host, Gerard; a taxi driver who is searching for his Toyota together with Letoile, an apparently streetwise ten- year-old boy; a jester of the ravine; and a brothel-keeper who continually addresses herself as if to an audience of listeners.
By its end, viewers may find themselves enervated, feeling the need of a shower with a stiff scrubbing brush, and, despite their sense of repulsion, anxious to get their hands on the novels of this self-proclaimed Demon Dog of crime fiction.
The old unerring confidence, that "I'll make you love me" spirit that enervated her early catalog, has given way to a melancholy that admits the singer can't make her lovers transcend their limitations any more than the Material Girl could stop herself from trashing fellow celebrities.
The autonomous individual in whose name Spinoza wrote now seems adrift rather than self-directed, enervated rather than emancipated.
Empson saw Gardner's edition as an attempt to further institutionalize the enervated, de-historicized Donne, and his attempt to block the process led him to a careful critique of her work, in which he effectively pointed to some perilous cracks in its foundation.
A proactive, formal career development program will keep doctors enervated and engaged.
If you want to reduce or eliminate your meat consumption, but have dithered for fear of mutating into some sort of pale, enervated, preachy vegetarian, this is an excellent guide.