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It also gave him a rare opportunity to escape from his increasingly enervating life with 'The Beatles', who were at the peak of their fame and besieged by screaming fans wherever they went.
For Simon, a troubadour of the working class, the only way out of this enervating swamp is work itself.
Much displeasure is incubated in this hiatus, but until now, no one has been able to bring scientific method to an analysis of why this period is so enervating.
Soulless jobs and colorless marriages and the enervating demands of childcare precipitate the use of a cabinet's worth of meds for the novel's characters, most of whom are identified by only a single bleak and faceless initial: L.
A In general, any lowering, depressing or enervating condition is a turn off.
Stackhouse may have readers who are already aware of our finite and fallen state, for whom one paradox upon another could become enervating.
has become one of the most socially enervating and politically debilitating phenomena in recent history.
Although Jan Latham-Koenig conducted sympathetically and Russell Braun made an outstanding Pelleas, the production somehow failed to breathe as much life into the score this time, Isabel Bayrak-darian's Melisande turning the character's passivity into an enervating restraint and Pavlo Hunka's vocally and physically commanding Golaud sounding idiomatically deficient.
There, from the fifteenth century forward, explicitly revived ideas (and ideals) of otium and negotium limned a contrast between restorative rural pleasures and enervating urban pressures powerfully articulated by ancient Roman writers, among them Pliny the Younger and Cicero.
Alzheimer's affects memory, judgement and language, and as noted by the architect, the challenge in designing a care environment for people suffering with this disease is to produce calm, coherent spaces which reduce enervating distraction, aid orientation and encourage mobility.
This book is wonderfully functional, vivid and enervating, much in the image of the label itself.
This book - itself given a Factory catalogue number, 'Fac 461' - is wonderfully functional, vivid and enervating, much in the image of the label itself.