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Some parties are preying on Bahrain's stability, seeking to sow chaos and enfeeble the country to be at the mercy of others," he said, urging people to unite so as to foil plots and defeat agendas.
This interference is even stretching profoundly to reach Saudi Arabian territories in a neatly-planned way just for the sake of triggering problems and conflicts and enfeeble the Arabs," Osama al-Nejefi, the secretary general of the National Iraqyoon Grouping, said in a statement received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Should Lieberman leave and take the government down with him, he will enfeeble a country that a time when stability is most paramount, an act which may have been his goal this whole time.
The Moscow exhibition's focus on consumer goods was part of what sociologist David Riesman termed the "Nylon War," an effort to enfeeble the communist system from within by showing Soviet women how luxuriously their capitalist counterparts lived.
Solomon Moore points out flaws, there are communication problems between the army and the defense ministry, equipment shortages enfeeble their ability to counter insurgents, and some tactics and less than professional and these hamper the Iraqi army?
And if in so doing, do we ultimately enfeeble the true lesson by scrubbing the horrific details from the story?