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The Houthis seized Sanaa in September, began dictating terms to an enfeebled Hadi, and advanced into central and western regions of Yemen where Sunni Muslims predominate.
However, five years after the financial collapse and Great Recession started, most Americans are still desperately enduring an "enfeebled economy'' which remains sluggish and sputtering.
This latest attack was carried out in disregard of the political realities in Pakistan as the enfeebled government seeks to make its peace with the Pakistani Taliban.
"Parliaments are gridlocked and enfeebled. "For parties of the left, which take pride in the power of politics to check the abuse of power in markets, these are not peripheral concerns.
During his time at Everton, you got the feeling Moyes hated the idea of a grand old institution becoming enfeebled, easy prey for the rich.
Evans had problems on the plateau and there are frequent references to his enfeebled condition on the Beardmore Glacier.
The mayhem wreaked by the TTP has its stains all over Pakistan, causing innumerable deaths in the country, and before it further catapults into more bloodshed, it is time to rethink Pakistan's enfeebled, faulty, misplaced proxy war strategy in Afghanistan.
The Israeli peace camp is dead, and the Arab awakening has most Arab states enfeebled or preoccupied.
that doesn't forget even though it dies, its memory enfeebled, but
Lukashenko has established effective one-party rule since he swept to power in 1994 and created an enfeebled new parliament packed with loyalists.
And that's one of the main reasons unions are so enfeebled, in Daly's view: American culture just isn't set up for them.