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One of the chief dangers attending the enfeebled condition of Mr.
The very necessity of crossing the river dismayed some of them in their present enfeebled and dejected state.
We can take your father upon a long trip where rest and quiet can have an opportunity to restore his enfeebled mentality.
And it comes enfeebled to sacrifices beneath the broad-pathed earth.
Such were the thoughts--if to visions so imperfect and undefined as those which wandered through his enfeebled brain, the term can be applied--which were present to the mind of Smike, and rendered him deaf alike to intimidation and persuasion.
The effort of remembering that he wanted to speak to me was, but too evidently, the only effort that his enfeebled memory was now able to achieve.
Those who were able to walk remained all the time on duty, lying about in the shadows of the main deck, till my voice raised for an order would bring them to their enfeebled feet, a tottering little group, mov- ing patently about the ship, with hardly a mur- mur, a whisper amongst them all.
The opinion now became general, that the youth had received his death- wound in the open prairie, and had dragged his enfeebled form into the cover of the thicket for the purpose of concealment.
Weakened in mind by his frequent losses of this instrument, and its determination not to stick in his eye, and more and more enfeebled in intellect every time he looked at the mysterious Clennam, he applied spoons to his eyes, forks, and other foreign matters connected with the furniture of the dinner-table.
The time that had strengthened the child's slight frame and knit his weak limbs into the strength of manhood had bowed his mother's form, and enfeebled her steps; but the arm that should have supported her was no longer locked in hers; the face that should have cheered her, no more looked upon her own.
But that flash of recognition had been too great a strain on the father's bruised, enfeebled powers.
They were dragging themselves along through the last street, and the child felt that the time was close at hand when her enfeebled powers would bear no more.