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Our ENFOLD products solve the problem for supermarkets, c-stores, bakery processors and bakery cafes that want to differentiate their bakery packaging with innovative solutions," says Unger.
When Enfold India learnt that the girl was sexually abused by her father, they immediately alerted the Karnataka Commission for Protection of Child Rights about the alleged abuse.
As a style, a sentiment, and an idea of how small-town America ought to look, railroad culture is hard to top--something worth remembering as the tentacles of Vice President Joe Biden's high-speed colossus enfold an unwilling nation.
Some of the implications of this are explained through a discussion of friend-enemy as it is enfolded in first-person shooters (FPSs), with particular reference to the other folds that some gamers seek to enfold with those of FPS gaming.
The raw material for a new pavilion in America, designed by Japanese architects SANAA (Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa), was made in Germany, fabricated into large panels in China and assembled on site to enfold a startlingly transparent, billowing curtain around new spaces alongside Toledo's neo-classical Museum of Art in Ohio, p66.
Enfold Systems, Austin, Texas, the premier provider of Windows integrated open source content management solutions, is using Journyx Timesheet software to track the investment in its open source software (OSS) while balancing the growth of the company.
Nevertheless, apart from a few minor incidents, everyone in the square behaved, For the people waiting outside it, in a line to view Pope John Paul II's body which stretched for more than three miles, the arms of Bernini's great flanking colonnades were ahead, like a big stone hug ready to enfold pilgrims and sightseers alike at the end of their ordeal.
Outbound: The Curious Secession of Latter-Day Charleston is an amusing novel that imagines what might enfold if latter-day Charleston were to schism from the nation of America and become an errant island.
Mr Justice David Richards, who heard the case, noted in his judgement of December 2004: ``There was a close relationship between Prince Fahd and Mr Penfold, and it is clear that Prince Fahd valued and greatly appreciated the work and advice of Mr P enfold, which had contributed so much to his success.
The women cradle their partners, enfold them, flip them over, then splay their bodies onto the floor.
As the mighty biceps of Cruise enfold me, I realize (a) I'm not going to be able to write anything but a glowing piece about the guy and (b) I'm in love.
It begins: "A year ago we prayed for peace, comfort and strength - now enfold Holly and Jessica in your care, embrace their parents in love, encourage us all now and in the days to come.