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out, carapace of silence, once a chorus, lacelike wings enfolded, mute
The strand will be enfolded three to four times around the tank to demonstrate the engineers and contractors how the machine works.
NEITHER TEMPEST, NOR FLOOD, NOR FIRE Enfolded deep within Earth's mantle, Incipient treasure awaits rebirth.
The bar's three levels--an entrance floor for casual drinking, a basement floor with a stage for formal dining and live music, and a mezzanine that acts as a "visual interface" to the main floor-are enfolded by a distinctive ribbed timber framework.
The idea of motherhood can't be enfolded into a day.
She finds that media education is uncomfortably enfolded into the start-up school, and that students have neither linguistic nor conceptual tools to talk about media, media education, or school reform.
Turning away from a stressful human scene to getting acquainted with infinite, all-present, unconditional Love means letting ourselves be enfolded in this Love which truly comforts, satisfies and answers our needs - and enfolds everyone else, too.
The spire of the distant church slowly blended into the landscape as the White Blanket enfolded its grey stone steeple.
Amazing events are displayed, but Tsubame the Ninja learns his finest lesson not from winning a competition, but from overcoming his fear of heights and inventing a spectacular new move that becomes known as "Flying Bird." "Tsubame the Ninja" is a fast moving, action packed book filled with adventure and challenge, enfolded into everyday disguises in regular living.
Some of the implications of this are explained through a discussion of friend-enemy as it is enfolded in first-person shooters (FPSs), with particular reference to the other folds that some gamers seek to enfold with those of FPS gaming.
Lua has advantages: it is powerful, has a wide range of features, and is surrounded, enfolded and uplifted by free community resources.