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The many spectators--mesmerized by the dance, the sounds of the dancers moving, the song, and the sun--follow the dance as it moves from one to another of San Juan's plazas, enfolded by the earthen adobe houses and, beyond them, the protecting mountains.
All are enfolded into a dreamy parade of memories--and so, with biting irony, are sequences depicting a McCarthy-esque homosexual witch-hunt, Arenas's trumped-up arrest for "molestation," and a brutal spell of solitary confinement in El Morro.
Enfolded in the rough blue-and-white cotton sari of her order, Mother Teresa stood beneath biblical murals on Dec.
To the sound of an improbably celestial choir (music by Arvo Part), the women, with their long hair flying like angels', gently enfold the men and are enfolded by them in a rare moment of peace and tenderness in this pressure-cooker piece.
They are bonded together, enfolded into a mutual love, with one group inspiring the other.
trailing the red ribbons that once enfolded her cherished screenplay.
What we (readers) want, we are told, is the story of music unencumbered by analytical description and enfolded into a context of urban history.
Included within this range is the Kut-Kut Plait, which is made up of exotic whirls of uniquely spiced fillings, enfolded in a light puff pastry, available in lamb, chicken, beef or vegetable; the company's Jaggery Goor and Parsi chutneys and their Whistle Blower and Marchie Chili pickles for the more adventurous
And I ask of a priest a blessing and he places his hand on my head and prays and I too pray through a tearful face, and it is as if I feel purged and enfolded in His tender mercies, and that not only for me, but for all those who would seek Him in humility.
Noting that bishops always tended to be enfolded by the mighty, and even within the church were hedged in by officials and advisers, he wrote: "I want to break free from that.
An enchanting succession of different children in many lands and locations are mysteriously wrapped and enfolded in the blown kiss, symbol of parental love and the love of God.
Mr Walden admitted that the fiveyear plan to transform Argos, now two years in, had "not enfolded exactly as we originally envisioned".