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Many authors have speculated on the functional significance of the myodural bridge, generally attributing a mechanical advantage to it in stabilizing the spinal cord from dural enfolding. (1-13) The reflexive myotatic response of suboccipital muscles has been proposed by several authors as a likely mechanism to place the dura under tension.
20-30 mm long), floral bracts not completely enfolding the sepals, yellowish-brown at base and brown toward the apex, purple-spotted, apex apiculate, about equaling 1/2 of sepals length, distinctly shorter (ca.
Deleuze's The Fold : Leibniz and the Baroque presented a theory of enfolding that is a framework for reconceiving Schmitt's friend-enemy and to understand FPS gaming.
By enfolding the video apparatus into the narrative framework of each piece, Dodge and Kahn use "the motivated camera" to draw attention to means while paradoxically immersing the viewer in the "authenticity" of Lois's fictional demesne.
I fully embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and I hope to further vitalize the NIEHS by enfolding new and exciting areas of growth and development into this field.
The Blue Notes were mellowing out in a most engaging way, cultivating an enfolding atmosphere of sustained calm.
At the rise of the curtain, Nureyev was discovered against the backcloth, draped in an enfolding red cloak.
Most of us also have, at least intermittently, experienced another way of being--one where we feel safe and seen for who we truly are, where our essential humanity and that of others shine through, perhaps only for a little while, lifting our hearts and spirits, enfolding us in a sense that the world can be right after all, that we are valued and valuable.
The emerging rhetoric of "free" labor once more elided working people from the picture simply by enfolding them in bourgeois aspirations for self-advancement and mobility.
An izibongo for Ken Saro-Wiwa foung for the unfolding enfolding dignity of the human community.
Written in part to explain why adults need to be gone to work, while a child is cared for at home, "Love Waves" conveys the concept of deep enfolding love and care over space and time.