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In other words, the cycles of enchantment and disenchantment characteristic of fairy tales--of which the sloughing serpent is one paradigmatic image--spell out the dynamics of a traditional image of release of manifold reality from hidden (ophidian) sources, in alternation with enfoldment back into primordial Unity (see Silva 2000).
Among their topics are moving verbal complexes in Spanish, the notion of topic and the problem of quantification in Hungarian, enfoldment as economy, Quechua P-soup, a new perspective on event participants in psychological states and events, and circumstantial evidence for dative shift.
Enduring time, Salleh writes, 'connotes the enfoldment of time in pleasure and suffering, hardiness and commitment, stability and security'.
Whether that is a calm of peace or of unqualifiable obliviousness we do not decide either, only that the peace is "here" at the site of a ruin, an availing center that as enfoldment or cynosure is nurture and attracts memory, but as a sheltering density remains a scarcity.