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One of Gearhart's rhetorical options, enfoldment, offers a painless operation for achieving such a transformation.
In other words, the cycles of enchantment and disenchantment characteristic of fairy tales--of which the sloughing serpent is one paradigmatic image--spell out the dynamics of a traditional image of release of manifold reality from hidden (ophidian) sources, in alternation with enfoldment back into primordial Unity (see Silva 2000).
Coming home: An investigation of the enfolding-unfolding flux of human field-environmental field patterns within the nursing home setting and the enfoldment of a health-as-wholeness-and-harmony by the nurse and client.
In particular, the New Paradigm allows administrators to see both diversity and complexity as representing living systems' tendency to be inclusive and to create life forms and structures that will sustain their own diversity - again an enfoldment.
But for such enfoldment as we found, the binding of
All matter [and mind] unfolds out of the implicate order [dreaming] to form the explicate [waking] in a continuous equilibrium of enfoldment and unfoldment.
In the work of Merleau-Ponty (1968) there are the makings of a new ontology, described as the enfoldment of the seer and the visible that discloses the impossibility of further maintaining the point of view of consciousness.
Whether that is a calm of peace or of unqualifiable obliviousness we do not decide either, only that the peace is "here" at the site of a ruin, an availing center that as enfoldment or cynosure is nurture and attracts memory, but as a sheltering density remains a scarcity.
Integration of dreaming/waking consciousness in Bohmian terms, unfoldment and enfoldment in implicate/explicate orders, illustrate a significant spike in transcendence beyond a self-world view.
32) It already pursues truth as the inextricable enfoldment of subject and object, in Mobius fashion--exactly homologous, I claim, to the structure of psychoanalytical "truth" clarified in the Freudian tradition.
Building upon this nascent literature, this paper offers up a 'dwelt political ecology' where elephants are qualitatively present and landscapes are understood as enfoldments emerging through the activities of humans and elephants.