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In some traditions, there is a period of fasting and special prayers intended to purify the faithful in order to welcome the Savior as their hearts become the manger, the cave that enfolds the Savior, who has come to elevate them into a life of grace and blessings.
A warm summer novel, it enfolds the reader in a page turning plot, which doesn't shy away from the heartbreak of death or fear of growing up.
The present crisis is one that enfolds all of us though the most vulnerable part of the world is at present in the countries of Europe that mistakenly decided to have a common currency without the controls needed for it to work.
The magic unfolds further and enfolds the reader with the gradual emergence of the twins' powers which is accompanied by creepy swarms of insects and animals and unexpected weather events.
Turning away from a stressful human scene to getting acquainted with infinite, all-present, unconditional Love means letting ourselves be enfolded in this Love which truly comforts, satisfies and answers our needs - and enfolds everyone else, too.
Your father enfolds me from behind,/I would have you always like this.
When your hand enfolds from mine, and you walk away from me.
Then she blows a most unusual bubble--one that enfolds her completely and floats her off to high adventure where she encounters a beautiful and friendly butterfly named Tiger, an island filled with sympathetic and unusual birds, generous sea creatures willing to help out, badly needed guidance from an elegant albeit mysterious fairy, and trouble from an enormous, misshapen beetle.
Today we watch as this financial crisis enfolds and some companies and banks go bankrupt," grand mufti Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh said.
Speaking on ongoing global financial crisis, the Grand Mufti said: "Today, we watch as this financial crisis enfolds and some companies and banks go bankrupt.