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The trial court ruled in favor of GDD and refused to enforce the damages provision.
Two-and-a-half months after the sleep-in began, the city council agreed not to enforce the law closing the park between midnight and 5 A.
An ethics committee, with the authority to enforce the code, can succeed in accomplishing these tasks.
scientists, the protocol's practical impact on research depends largely on the legislation Congress enacts to enforce the new treaty.
The software is targeted at organizations that need a way to enforce the IT policies and controls they have established in order to avoid revenue loss and cost overruns that can come as a result of outages and downtime.
While Costa Mesa is moving forward on the matter, the city has not yet signed a contract with a federal agency that would permit police officers to enforce federal immigration law.
When President Bush criticizes the UN for failing to enforce its resolutions and risking irrelevancy, he is not saying that the UN role should be diminished, but that it should be expanded.
Having legislation on the books where there is no penalty or a nominal penalty or where you don't enforce it, is hypocrisy and it does a disservice to the public," said Bloomberg.
The legislation requires companies to establish and enforce certain controls over the use of information provided by children under 13, chief among them being parental consent.
If a jury encounters a law it does not want to enforce, it can voice its disapproval through jury nullification.
Public Health Service's Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration today proposed new regulations to assure that states enforce their laws prohibiting the sale or distribution of tobacco products to anyone under 18.