enforce payment

See: excise
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There are some more helpful suggestions, including enabling HMRC to enforce payment of sick pay and holiday pay and ensuring those working in complex supply chains that use agencies or umbrella companies actually know who their employer is.
Our client disputed that its work was not up to standard and sought to rely on the company's terms and conditions to enforce payment.
If that doesn't resolve things, you or your union could make a complaint to HMRC, which will investigate and if it finds your employer hasn't paid the minimum wage, it can enforce payment - and fine your employer.
Deputy Sheriff Position to Enforce Payment of Restitution Child-Friendly Waiting Rooms and Testimonial Aids Report Creation
German law against illegal employment was amended in 2014 to enforce payment of tax and social welfare contributions, using a special Federal Customs Administration unit based in Cologne.
Article 4A-204 provides that, if the bank is not entitled to enforce payment, it must refund the payment along with interest.
But creditors can still bring you to court to demand and enforce payment of your debts.
The impacts of these developments, allied with the continuing modernisation of Qatar's regulatory and tax regimes, have increased the incentive for Qatar to introduce new forms of taxation and its ability to enforce payment of tax and compliance with regulations.
The courts must enforce payment regardless of any change in a father's income, whether he is sent to war or locked up in prison, unemployed or hospitalized or even dead, even if DNA proves he is not the father, and even if he is never allowed to see his children.
Some shopkeepers were up in arms over the recent decision to enforce payment and said it would lead to many families being forced to close down their businesses.
In other countries where recourse loans "allow seizure of household income to enforce payment of mortgage obligations, private consumption may plummet as debt payments (and eventually rising interest rates) crowd out discretionary spending.
Executive director Cliff Binning said: "Our commitment to enforce payment at all levels is having a significant impact.