enforce payment

See: excise
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The impacts of these developments, allied with the continuing modernisation of Qatar's regulatory and tax regimes, have increased the incentive for Qatar to introduce new forms of taxation and its ability to enforce payment of tax and compliance with regulations.
The courts must enforce payment regardless of any change in a father's income, whether he is sent to war or locked up in prison, unemployed or hospitalized or even dead, even if DNA proves he is not the father, and even if he is never allowed to see his children.
In some cases, failure to provide the necessary information could lead to a trader being unable to enforce payment.
Some shopkeepers were up in arms over the recent decision to enforce payment and said it would lead to many families being forced to close down their businesses.
It also allows us to monitor access to sensitive facilities and private communities, and to enforce payment in parking garages.
Executive director Cliff Binning said: "Our commitment to enforce payment at all levels is having a significant impact.
Private court cases taken out by Riffa Views off-plan buyers against the developer (the bank is not at fault) may eventually obtain a favourable court ruling, but currently there is no way the courts can enforce payment.
However, if ACL enforce payment of arrears and rent in full now, this is likely to result in the liquidation of CCFC.
Elikann said he suspects the constitutionality of taking people to small claims court to enforce payment will probably be appealed.
payable to the Federal Government of Nigeria, to take all necessary steps to collect debts due to the government and to enforce payment terms by all oil industry operators.
The founding management team behind Novus Energy GmbH has sued US private equity giant Denham Capital Management in German court to enforce payment of a seven digit termination fee payable under contract between the two.
owners' associations managing properties within rights to enforce payment obligations