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This is the latest in a series of ISDA publications focusing on netting and collateral enforceability in China.
1) A signature, contract or other record relating to such transaction may not be denied legal effect, validity or enforceability solely because it is in electronic form;
The clarifications in this Statement should improve the understandability and comparability of net asset information by making the assessment of legal enforceability more uniform across governments.
upheld the enforceability of an employee's agreement to waive her right to a jury trial and submit any disputes with her employer to binding arbitration.
These three cases discredit the notion that the effects of postmortem events in specific cases should be divided according to the valuation and enforceability dichotomy.
Based on the fundamentals of contract law, the key to the enforceability of both shrink wrap and click wrap license agreements would be the timing of the formation of the contract between the parties -- as it is this timing that determines whether or not the terms of the licence agreement are binding on the parties.
To strengthen the provisions of the Bankruptcy Code and the FDIA that protect the enforceability of termination and close-out netting and related provisions of certain financial agreements and transactions.
Certainly the chances for enforceability of a covenant are improved if the covenant is prepared with care in light of current law.
Decision Addresses Enforceability of Liquidated Damages Provision
historybecame fully enforceable on June 22, 2016, following nearly six years of work fulfilling the Acts enforceability requirements.
It uses a uniform question and answer format and allows the user to locate material by general question and by general question by state, allowing attorneys to quickly locate answers to the questions they or their clients may have regarding the enforceability of covenants not to compete.
According to the court, Michael effectively rebutted the presumption against the enforceability of an intrafamily SCIN by affirmatively showing a real expectation of repayment existed at the time of the transaction and the deceased's intent to enforce collection of the indebtedness.