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Two Enforceable Undertakings were signed on the same matter one between the FMA, the Commerce Commission and Westpac under the FMCA and FTA, and another between only the FMA and Westpac under the FMCA.
Her argument boiled down to the fact that her restrictive covenant, which prevented her from joining a competitor, was too widely worded to be enforceable.
The Supreme Court says that in 2016 the highest court decided to accept the request for reconsideration of the enforceable verdict and overturned the two verdicts against Buckovski.
After the Irish Government branded the comment "bizarre", Davis took to the airwaves again on Monday, saying Britain's commitment on the border issue was "much more than just legally enforceable".
They want 5mph limits to be made enforceable on all school grounds - and for police to bring relevant charges where drivers are in breach of the law.
WHINING INSTEAD of giving in to whining, try asking, 'Do you think I can understand you when you speak this way?' Use a positive and enforceable statement, such as 'I listen to children who speak in the same tone of voice as mine'.
"These agreements are not based on enforceable labor standards, enforceable environmental standards, and what we would like to do is level up the playing field rather than leave it to others to level down the playing field.''
Although a typical exchange agreement creates rights and obligations for the parties to the agreement, those rights and obligations may or may not be enforceable. In other words, one of the parties may or may not be able to invoke the punitive powers of the government against the other party if the other party fails to keep the promises that it made within the context of the agreement.
Despite its singular focus on legally enforceable contracts, the ED was drafted largely without input from the legal community, which plays a leading role in the negotiation, drafting, interpretation, and enforcement of contracts.
<![CDATA[ There is no licensing and enforceable standards for news reporters, as there are for doctors, for example.
An estate is entitled to a charitable deduction only for amounts donated to charity pursuant to a settlement agreement if the charity had an enforceable right to the amounts donated.
Without any enforceable deadlines to permit or close coal ash dumps, weak cleanup standards and a permanent ban on the EPA to ever set federally enforceable safeguards, the Coal Ash Recycling and Oversight Act of 2012 is a sham."