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I have no idea if it is legally enforceable," said Southgate ahead of tonight's European Championship qualifier with Lithuania at Portman Road.
For example, an agreement that creates enforceable rights and obligations in one jurisdiction may fail to create enforceable rights and obligations in another because of differences in laws.
However, despite the state's groundbreaking and noble intentions, the original amendment was left without the key technical wording that would make these rights enforceable.
However, where the judgment is a lien on the real properly of a judgment debtor, then the lien is only valid and enforceable for ten years.
Therefore their calculation for an enforceable speed limit is the posted speed plus 10% plus 2mph.
Months ago you reported in your newspaper that a similar sign had been erected in Glenrothes and it appears to be enforceable.
The communications watchdog has accepted an enforceable undertaking from Vodafone, which includes a financial component of 110,000 dollars, in response to three investigations into alleged breaches of the Spam Act, including the soft drink giant'[s marketing campaign.
UK-based Barclays Bank Plc (LSE: BARC) has received an enforceable undertaking from an Australian regulator.
The DFSA's action follows an earlier investigation into the business operations of GFS Investments which resulted in Enforceable Undertakings with GFS Investments and a number of its Directors and employees, in September 2008.
As a consequence of its investigation, the authority entered into an enforceable undertaking with Da Silva, who agreed to pay a penalty to the authority in the amount of $70,000 (Dh257,250).
The purpose of the present paper is argue that Samaritan rights should, at the very least, not be accepted as enforceable rights, and therefore do not justify the existence of a state.
It said that the promise was part of a voluntary exchange of commitments negotiated between two consenting adults, each represented by counsel, and meant to have legally enforceable consequences.