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The fugitive-slave clause of the Constitution, and the law for the suppression of the foreign slave-trade, are each as well enforced, perhaps, as any law can ever be in a community where the moral sense of the people imperfectly supports the law itself.
Can treaties be more faithfully enforced between aliens than laws can among friends?
GENEVA, Sept 7 (KUNA) -- Iraq on Monday assured the United Nations (UN) Committee on Enforced Disappearances (CED) on its commitment to protecting human rights through continued cooperation with the UN.
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has denounced the 'alarming' increase in enforced or involuntary disappearances, and urged all member states to ratify or accede to the United Nations convention on enforced disappearance aimed at preventing such acts.
Summary: <p>"It is vital to draw more attention to the issue of enforced disappearances as it still remains severely underreported, particularly in certain regions of the world," said Jeremy Sarkin, chairperson of the United Nations Working Group on enforced or involuntary disappearances.
It is the first international pact of its kind that focuses on enforced disappearance, according to the United Nations.
Obviously the law isn't being enforced if we have a rate of sales that high,'' Councilman Andy Visokey said last week.
Granted, the football rule is enforced in the best ways humans have been able to devise while the supervision of the divine command is left mostly to the inefficiency of the Almighty.
We want the resolutions of the world's most important multilateral body to be enforced.
The contractor argued that the liquidated damages provision should not be enforced because, among other things, (1) the liquidated damages constituted an improper penalty and (2) the owner's rights to claim such damages had been waived by virtue of the certifications of the contractor's requisitions for payment by the owner's architect in the period subsequent to the contract-mandated period.
What policies do you want "fixed," or system enforced, and which one will humans make?
This mandated report responds to Congressional concerns that provisions in section 43 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act (FDI Act) are not being enforced.