enforcement of judgment

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Similarly, the average time of over two years taken for "Enforcement of Judgment" is a negative reflection on the law enforcement structure.
at 990 (examining Saints of Glory's objections to enforcement of judgment in California).
In accordance with the above endorsement of a public enforcement office, previous recommendations on the administrative structure of New Brunswick's new enforcement of judgment system are hereby reiterated.
Canada has reciprocal enforcement of judgment legislation, which helps enforce foreign judgments in Canada.
TABLE 10.3 Increasing procedural efficiency--the most popular reform feature in 2007/08 Increased procedural Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, efficiency at main trial court former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Mozambique Introduced or expanded Azerbaijan, former Yugoslav specialized commercial courts Republic of Macedonia, Rwanda Made enforcement of judgment China, Romania more efficient Simplified rules for small Bhutan, Portugal claims Established e-courts Austria Streamlined appeals Bulgaria Source: Doing Business database.
It also gives manufacturers, marketers and other interested parties information on complaints and recalls, liability and liability insurance, protection of trade secrets, data protection, remediation in case of deficiencies and delays, and recognition and enforcement of judgment. It includes over 120 pages of model contracts and documentation.
West describes the series as a "unique collection of insights and advice about about the dynamics of commercial litigation," with information on "how to apply expert lawyering skills and techniques to the specific case at hand to achieve client objectives." The series is a treatise and litigation drafting guide that covers the phases of a commercial lawsuit in federal courts, from inception through trial to enforcement of judgment. Editorial proceeds chronologically through the various phases of a lawsuit, and includes discussion of procedure, legal principles, advice and strategy relating to commercial litigation.
Issues of jurisdiction, applicable law, and recognition and enforcement of judgment still remain generally untouched by international harmonization measures in the realm of intellectual property law.
(25) New Brunswick Office of the Attorney General, Proposal for a System of Enforcement of Judgment Debts (Executive Summary) by John R Williamson (Fredericton: Office of the Attorney General of New Brunswick, 1985) at 5 [New Brunswick 1985 Report].
According to the regulation of the new Code of Criminal Procedure, (6) the criminal case consists of four stages: the criminal prosecution, the pre-trial chamber, the trial and the enforcement of judgment. Article 3 of the new Code of Criminal Procedure stipulates that during the criminal case the following functions are exercised: the criminal prosecution function; the function to have the use of the fundamental rights and liberties of the person during the stage of criminal prosecution; the function of verifying the lawfulness of the act of suing or not suing the person at law; the trial function.
Those provisions provided for, among other things, the reciprocal enforcement of judgment orders between the DIFC Courts and the Dubai Courts.
It would be of little value to obtain a UAE law guarantee from an individual or legal entity whose assets are located in a foreign jurisdiction where UAE law may not be recognized or there is no reciprocity on enforcement of judgment with that jurisdiction.

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