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Can Law Enforcement Associates successfully bring a Less Lethal Stun gun to Market?
We have successfully marketed new products to the law enforcement community for more than 30 years.
Over the past 40 years Law Enforcement Associates, Audio Intelligence Devices and Sirchie Fingerprint Labs have perhaps trained more police officers around the world than any other entities.
What experience is behind Law Enforcement Associates?
Combined, LEA and Sirchie have more than 70 years of experience manufacturing and providing quality products to the Law Enforcement and Correction markets.
SmartCOP integrates the field experience of law enforcement with the latest software engineering technologies to improve the quality of information, the timely access to information and the sharing of information between federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.
At a time when Homeland Security is foremost in the minds of lawmakers and law enforcement officials alike, SmartCOP offers a unique, integrated suite of software that puts real-time information in the hands of first responders and administrators, giving them the tools needed to combat terrorism, solve crimes, and ensure public safety.