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Ultimately," Atick said, "our goal is an IBIS mobile device for each of the estimated one million+ law enforcement officers in the U.
Identix' IBIS real time mobile identification solutions uses a patented hand-held portable device that enables law enforcement officers in the field to capture and wirelessly transmit to a backend IBIS software system a suspect's fingerprints and photograph for searches against various law enforcement databases.
Recently there has been a tremendous amount of interest in Law Enforcement Associates.
Law Enforcement Associates Inc, has a diversified product line: Audio and video intelligence equipment, under vehicle surveillance systems which are in use at more than 1700 sites worldwide and explosive residue detection test kits (EDK123) which are in use by our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The first solution, SmartMBL provides critical law enforcement data communications on Nextel J2ME phones, such as query capabilities, messaging and email capabilities through handset-to-handset, handset-to-car and handset-to-dispatch communications.