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enforce the wishes of the legislative power until such time as the
Your legal rights are not above suspicion, my friend," replied Tarzan, "and your power to enforce your commands are only apparent--not real.
The long winter evenings within the castle of Torn were often spent in rough, wild carousals in the great hall where a thousand men might sit at table singing, fighting and drinking until the gray dawn stole in through the east windows, or Peter the Hermit, the fierce majordomo, tired of the din and racket came stalking into the chamber with drawn sword and laid upon the revellers with the flat of it to enforce the authority of his commands to disperse.
It was in the court outside the treasury that my cousin and I met, to enforce the laws of discipline on our own soldiers.
We equally urge governments to guarantee the full protection from all forms of reprisals of those who report cases of enforces disappearances, the authors of the urgent actions requests, the witnesses, and the relatives of the disappeared persons also encourage all those whose beloved ones have disappeared, as well as those acting on their behalf, to make use of the tool provided by the urgent action procedures.
The committee also investigates possible ethical violations for the department, enforces the code through sanctions, rewards or disciplines code compliance or violation, and reviews and revises the code annually based on societal changes.
The Court upheld the right of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency that enforces federal anti-discrimination laws, to seek all available remedies for job discrimination, regardless of an arbitration agreement signed by the employee.
Flexible rule sets to enforce actions - Enforces actions based on policy to deal with offensive images, including drop part, subject rewrite, copy as attachment, forward as attachment, drop message and quarantine message.
Additionally, Lockdown NAC integrates with existing network infrastructure without requiring complex and expensive forklift upgrades, and unlike endpoint security agents, enforces access on the network to achieve the highest possible level of security.
As enterprises continue to implement Network Access Control solutions to prevent internal or external network attacks, they will benefit from a vendor agnostic architecture such as Lockdown's which does not impact network performance and yet enforces policies for all devices on the network.
2 supports over 200,000 networked systems and enforces up to four million security policy relationships, all through an easily managed centralized administration console.
While other solutions conduct authentication using agents, in-line devices, or DHCP servers, Mirage's patented out-of-band solution enforces authentication for all endpoint types connecting to the network without introducing a single point of failure, and without lengthy agent deployments.