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It has never happened, and as one law review article puts it, "[t]he procedures for withdrawal of state programs would be suitable for the Nuremberg trials, and will be invoked only upon epochal occasions" Taking over a state program is enormously expensive, and as it is the EPA can barely afford to do its own meager share of enforcing environmental law.
That people can decide for themselves which laws are truly worth enforcing is a necessary step in creating a just society free of political despotism.
In June 1993, things came to a head when City Councilmember Kelly Olsen proposed enforcing an existing law which would close city parks from midnight to 5 A.
Bill Weiss, who cited the court's questioning of the constitutionality of enforcing the loitering ordinances.
President Bush sent American troops into Iraq for the stated purpose of enforcing UN Security Council resolutions to disarm Iraq of its reputed WMDs.
EPA is filing administrative cases in 26 states and Puerto Rico, proposing penalties of more than $4 million in enforcing a wide variety of Clean Air Act regulations.
Enforcer delivers email management features that provide the highest quality email service for all users while actively enforcing corporate policies.
Don Silva, 39, of Reseda, regional director for Save Our State, an anti-illegal immigration group, said Saturday the group believes the real problem is that the federal government isn't enforcing immigration laws.
Contributing to the negative effects of immigration restriction is the opportunity cost of enforcing immigration laws.
Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, OSHA is charged with enforcing workplace safety regulations where the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) issues no regulations.
The patent underscores Mirage Networks' unique approach to enforcing device authentication on entry into a network," said Grant Hartline, chief technology officer, Mirage Networks.
The report by the state Attorney General's Office also found there is no uniform protocol for serving or enforcing restraining orders; that mandatory education programs for offenders are not carried out; and that counties are failing to adequately update a weapons database with the names of domestic-violence abusers prohibited from possessing firearms.