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Individuals are the practitioners of a collective effort to enframe and so constitute values and legitimise forms of authority.
Against this, Heidegger calls for the recovery of the poietic potential of techne, namely as a mode of making that reveals, rather than enframes, the materials being worked, in the context of a renewed practice of dwelling, which, as he puts it, 'saves the earth', precisely by respecting its opacity, alterity and potentially resistant agency.
She attempts to enframe the situation of the feminine once and for all in a world in which women, struggling with all their might against the daily violence of a masculine world, become like the very enemy they seek to leave behind.
In Heideggerian language (see note 18, above), the conflict concerns what will enframe medicine: will medicine be called forth as relief of pain or as technoluxe?
For example, as the person approaches the entry of a building, certain features such as the masses of trees that enframe the building move outside the viewing range and no longer contribute to the viewer's perception of balance.
He writes eloquently of the way in which "the aedicule," a miniature semblance of house, is a device that was used often in Classical and Mediaeval architecture and painting to enframe and give importance to a god or saint or, as in the case of Pompeian Wall Painting, to fill an area with images of places that could be inhabited [Summerson, John.
The reason, I believe, is that "book one" is largely based on studies that have focused on a conception of landscape that grew out of the English elite's desire to enclose and enframe the landscape as a frozen, pictorialized, and fundamentally illusory scenic object, to be contemplated and possessed as private property.
If the Wades of Africa want to enframe Africa's developmental agenda with an African detailed action plan, we should cheer them.
move is invisibly to enframe the concept of globalization within a
But the argument that Islamists' pursuit and exercise of power is an inherently "secular" endeavor regardless of the "Islamic odor" that permeates their goals abstracts fundamentalists' means from their ends, thereby rendering the religious commitments that enframe and inform their activities beside the point.
Frequently recurring vocatives in the name of the "lettore" enframe the whole poem within the event of its being read.
89) Our relationships of love have already been transforming our feelings as intentional responses and thus bringing about all sorts of affective and cognitive effects in us through the examples, images, symbols, stories, and beliefs that spell out for us in a performative fashion the meanings and values that enframe our moral deliberations.