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Individuals are the practitioners of a collective effort to enframe and so constitute values and legitimise forms of authority.
Against this, Heidegger calls for the recovery of the poietic potential of techne, namely as a mode of making that reveals, rather than enframes, the materials being worked, in the context of a renewed practice of dwelling, which, as he puts it, 'saves the earth', precisely by respecting its opacity, alterity and potentially resistant agency.
The first book is signaled by the book's title and it, in turn, enframes the second book.
It is this theme of this constantly self-transforming character of Reinhold's philosophy that enframes many of the interlinking particular studies making up the third and fourth parts of this volume.
Besides all these, the most captivating aspect of the region also for visitors spending only a short time here--is the amazing sight of the Danube-bend, this unique landscape, which enframes the assets that can be found here (DINP 2007).
The outstanding terracotta work on the bank is the band of plantlike ornament, predominately green in colour, that enframes the two big arched windows.
She encircles and inscribes the world for Darl; he cannot escape her presence because she enframes each of his perceptions.
The unfortunate dismissal of juniper as a signifier of identity could have unexpected consequences if followed elsewhere: Ginevra de' Benci's identity in Leonardo da Vinci's portrait in Washington, for instance, depends solely on the juniper bush (which curiously, Leonardo, unlike Pisanello, represented without berries) that enframes her head.
The company's design is said to produce patented single stage mixing with Inter-Swirl rotors on technical rubber compounds with water-cooled enframes giving enviable results, according to the literature.
And she used her Marian message to point back to her medium, allegorizing photography's ties to the round of birth, death, and generation that the home enframes.
To see that certain other examples are instances of logical implication we must supplement our grasp of a commonsense setting and commonsense language with at least a modest grasp of a body of theory that enframes the example.