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He did not write his detailed description of Aphrodite's sanctuary on Cnidus with an eye to preserving an accurate record of its architectural framing, but rather with an eye to the rhetorical enframement needed for his erotic dialogue on philosophical love.
Kubrick uses the screen to flame the thought that is conducive to the enframement inaugurated by the propriative event.
Eliciting the tradition of the folk novel, this story of murder--what Ralph Ellison would place under the heading of "Negro misfortune" (102)--is a frame narrative that magnifies the narrative leitmotiv: modes of enframement.
Under this modernizing regime, interior phenomena of thought and desire are not monitored but external shows, performances, and public discourses are intensely policed, "In Thailand, modernity rests on the fetishism of appearances, on the demand for a signifying surface, and on a representational politics in which the processes of enframement are repressed.