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That then meant that the vast majority of the population had been enfranchised.
At the time there was no organized revolutionary party which could challenge the Tories and Whigs, later Conservatives and Liberals, which were therefore able to, and indeed did, absorb the newly enfranchised within the existing system.
Brodie, by contrast, suggests that the franchise laws enfranchised only the most prosperous of east-end workers and that a variety of social, economic, and circumstantial factors determined voting behaviour.
The November 29, 2006 story goes on to say that the Pakistani elite and a newly enfranchised, if small by comparison, middle class "have gone on one of history's greatest shopping sprees, splashing out in record numbers on anything from fridges and flats, to luxury cars.
The workers have to be enfranchised, because they understand the processes.
Governor Lady brings the reader into the time when women were just being granted the right to vote, and the intriguing story behind one of the most famous political figures of the first enfranchised generation of American women.
Cook's theoretical framework has laid the groundwork for more nuanced studies that evaluate how pediocularity has both enfranchised and disenfranchised diverse groups of child consumers.
Marius, seething with envy but having no legal recourse, allied himself with the newly enfranchised Italian citizens of Rome.
She also knew that these newly enfranchised women needed to understand the issues.
As a former slave, he could never be identified as merely "another enfranchised citizen; his superior eloquence made him a representative of the law, an object of emulation for others to follow.