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TO ENFRANCHISE. To make free to incorporate a man in a society or body politic. Cunn. L. D. h.t. Vide Disfranchise.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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But people convicted of crimes including 5,991 violent offenders, 1,753 sex offenders, 2,486 robbers, 4,370 drug offenders and 4,188 burglars will be enfranchised. In total 28,770 of the UK's 83,055 prison population will qualify.
Pointless observation The population census has shown that the population of Sudan is about 39 million and that the enfranchised population is around 20 million.
She addresses us directly and inevitably, as it were, leaving us with no place to hide as she attempts to persuade us that we are fully enfranchised in the production of meaning.
The 17 million registered voters represent an increase of one-third over 2005, including millions of newly enfranchised women.
Kuwaiti women, who make up 54.3 per cent of the 385,000 eligible voters, were running in the elections for only the third time after they were enfranchised in 2005.
That then meant that the vast majority of the population had been enfranchised.
At the time there was no organized revolutionary party which could challenge the Tories and Whigs, later Conservatives and Liberals, which were therefore able to, and indeed did, absorb the newly enfranchised within the existing system.
Brodie, by contrast, suggests that the franchise laws enfranchised only the most prosperous of east-end workers and that a variety of social, economic, and circumstantial factors determined voting behaviour.
He says, "there has been an alarming growth in inequality." The November 29, 2006 story goes on to say that the Pakistani elite and a newly enfranchised, if small by comparison, middle class "have gone on one of history's greatest shopping sprees, splashing out in record numbers on anything from fridges and flats, to luxury cars."
"The workers have to be enfranchised, because they understand the processes.
Governor Lady brings the reader into the time when women were just being granted the right to vote, and the intriguing story behind one of the most famous political figures of the first enfranchised generation of American women.