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The act of making free (as from Slavery); giving a franchise or freedom to; investiture with privileges or capacities of freedom, or municipal or political liberty. Conferring the privilege of voting upon classes of persons who have not previously possessed such.

See: charter, copyright, emancipation, franchise, freedom, home rule, liberation, liberty, license, privilege, sanction


1 the granting of the right to vote.
2 the granting of voting rights to the holders of non-voting shares.
3 in England and Wales the power to leaseholders to acquire a 90-year lease extension of their lease or buy the freehold collectively with other lessees in their building. There is also the right to buy the freehold in a house which is subject to a lease. There are detailed procedures and there is a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal to resolve any disputes as to the price that ought to be paid.
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Within the linguistic landscape, political campaign signage is one place where we can look for signs of enfranchisement.
In that context, I look at not only in its provisions about reserve lands (affected by both the enfranchisement scheme of yore and modern day proposals for fee simple interests in reserve land), but also the definition of who is an "Indian" under the Act, which has served the colonizer's goal of reducing the Indian population.
Political Issues' begins with Wicker's account of treasonable language trials alongside developing political identities and enfranchisement.
The authors systematically rule out competing explanations for the change in state transfers and show that it is likely that enfranchisement led to an increase in resource receipt.
This passage represents enfranchisement as a change that most devadasis would embrace.
The Mubarak regime so far is ignoring the demand for expat enfranchisement.
In the old days they used to call this enfranchisement.
The process whereby immigrants received citizenship is examined through the freedom rolls, and trends in the enfranchisement of migrants are quantified and presented in tabular form.
It does not take an Adam Smith, or a John Maynard Keynes or a Sigmund Freud to understand the satisfaction and profound sense of enfranchisement that comes with the educated, and informed exercise of choice.
While the Northern public had considered African-American enfranchisement too radical at first it was deemed the most efficient way to achieve a balance of power in the South.
Levine and CIRCLE track closely the political enfranchisement of America's youth and are doing fantastic work.