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"I don't engage in politics of violence, nor will I ever," said Nisar.
She said it was still time for PTI to focus on development works in the province rather than engage in politics of sit-ins.
Two Indian naval ships - INS Deepak and INS Tabar - docked in Mina Salman Port yesterday to enhance bilateral ties and engage in naval exercises with regional forces.
Indian naval ships Deepak, Delhi, Tabar and Trishul are on a month-long deployment to the GCC region to enhance bilateral ties and engage in naval exercises with friendly regional navies.
During the sea phase, ships of the two countries will engage in tactical manoeuvring, defence against un-alerted raids, cross deck helicopter operations, rendering assistance to a ship in distress, replenishment at sea, joint management of anti-submarine, anti-air and anti-surface warfare.
Four Indian naval ships are on a month-long overseas deployment to the Gulf to engage in naval exercises with friendly regional navies.
The Kingdom of Bahrain urged all Egyptian parties to pay heed to their country and citizens' vital interests and engage in dialogue and reconciliation, stressing the importance of such a process in averting Egypt any dangers and enabling it to regain its pivotal role in the Arab and Islamic Worlds and contribute to the achievement of peace and security in the Middle East.
Mumbai Four Indian warships are on a goodwill visit to several maritime nations of Africa and the South Indian Ocean where they will engage in naval exercises.
Organisations are ranked across nine policy and practice areas including the level of support available to staff and also how well they engage in community events such as International Day Against Homophobia and Pride events.
This means, in turn, that the next court will be more able to engage in an intelligent analysis of its own, free from the spin of litigants and lawyers.