engage the attention

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If the road over which you will still have to pass should in some places appear to you tedious or irksome, you will recollect that you are in quest of information on a subject the most momentous which can engage the attention of a free people, that the field through which you have to travel is in itself spacious, and that the difficulties of the journey have been unnecessarily increased by the mazes with which sophistry has beset the way.
You came from a country where he must be very much talked of, and I know that his armaments against France greatly engage the attention of your friend the cardinal.
By thus renewing the custom of the old feudal days the Manor House was converted into an island during the night--a fact which had a very direct bearing upon the mystery which was soon to engage the attention of all England.
It opens with some lovely poems to engage the attention of the children.
This matter will engage the attention of the Permanent Council at a special meeting on Wednesday, March 30, 2016, at 10:00 EDT (14:00 GMT) in the Simon Bolivar Hall at the headquarters of the Organization in Washington, DC.
I tried desperately to engage the attention of someone - anyone - from the PR team but it was like trying to catch the eye of a waitress in a particularly busy and badly-run restaurant.
The only exceptions are positions at the barangay level, which are, in any case, too insignificant to engage the attention of political clans.
Nor did that subject engage the attention of the late Graham Reynolds (who sadly died last month), when in February 1970 he reviewed 'The Elizabethan Image', an exhibition then at the Tate Gallery.
When The Economist published a review of Amartya Sen and Jean Dreze's latest book An Uncertain Glory: India and its Contradictions, little did they know that they would be lighting the fuse to a firecracker of an academic debate that would refuse to stay confined to the hallowed halls of academia and engage the attention of many would-be, wannabe and has-been Indian public intellectuals.
Along with measures to increase quantity, the drive to enhance the quality of education should engage the attention of policy makers," the president said.
The important issues that will engage the attention of the BASIC Ministers are principles under the Durban Platform, the role and relevance of independent international initiatives including sectoral actions in promotion and achievement of global ambition, and the steps needed to ensure means of implementation to parties for enhancing their efforts," she said.
If you want to engage the attention of a child who leans toward facts, figures and the natural world, "Scientists in the Field" is a treasure chest, with 33 titles in print and more on the way.