engage the mind

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or beautiful fashion, is to engage the mind and body in a unified artistic or creative act.
The activities are simple but they engage the mind and help young people understand the historical significance of the exhibition," said Shaza Shannan, director of Middle East Operations, 1001 Inventions.
TV psychologist Professor Geoffrey Beattie said: "This shows that the perfect film needs to engage the mind - particularly with a plot twist - as well as the emotions.
In his view a stained glass window 'should catch the eye, engage the mind, warm the heart and stir the soul' (1).
For anyone interested in and serious about the topic, Stochastic Optimization Models in Finance provides a marvelous reference source and survey of seminal work, and a wonderful collection of exercises that could engage the mind almost indefinitely.
Something useless, if you will; to ask questions that have no correct answers, and perhaps cannot be answered at all; to pose quandaries or moral choices that engage the mind in impractical but otherwise crucial ways," the AUB president continued.
Tatum copes magnificently with the extreme physical demands of his role, but though unflinchingly brutal brawls set to a thunderous soundtrack assault the senses at every opportunity, characters never engage the mind.
While the film has its undeniable appeal to the eyes and ears, there's very little to engage the mind.
a great mystery that can deeply engage the mind, heart and soul rather than be seen as a series of symptoms that one treats categorically with standard procedures and protocols.
While the frail elderly probably shouldn't try the eye-closing neurobic exercise, less physically demanding hobbies that engage the mind, like reading and writing, are suitable for anyone.
The light in these pictures is that of inner worlds and they engage the mind as subjects rather than as objects.
Despite these drawbacks this book offers much to engage the mind and heart of both the scholarly pedagogue and the young pedagogue learning what teaching is all about.