engage with

See: grapple
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By further deepening our relationship with LiveRail, we will be able to make an even greater impact on how advertisers engage with their customers."
The membership of Engage with LaunchCode, not only expand its staff, but also support a movement aimed at training aspiring programmers so that they can seamlessly transition into the IT workforce.
ST HELENS full back Paul Wellens has joined an elite line-up of engage Super League players to become an 'engage with your health' ambassador.
I encourage students to engage with this research and examine what sociology can do with such research approaches, expanding their sociological imaginations in the process.
The more you engage with those, the more reason there is for hope--both within the individual psyche and in the broader community."
Because the entire resident population suffers from dementia, families often need assistance and support with understanding losses and finding new ways to engage with their loved ones.