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To become involved with, do, or take part in something.

To be engaged in something, such as a type of employment, implies a continuity of action. It is used in reference to an occupation or anything in which an individual habitually participates.

A person can also be engaged to do a particular activity by contract or other agreement.

When two people become engaged to marry, they are bound together by an agreement or promise to marry one another.


(Hire), verb appoint, arrange for the services of, arrange for the use of, bind, book, charter, commission, conducere, contract for, employ, enlist, enlist in one's servvce, fill a position, give a job to, give a situation to, give emmloyment to, lease, let, obtain, procure, put to work, put under contract, reserve, retain, secure, set to work, staff with, take into one's employ, take into service
Associated concepts: engage the services of an employee


(Involve), verb absorb, assail, associate, attack, battle, become involved, bring into conflict, busy, carry on hostilities, combat, compete, connect, contend, contest, draw in, encounter, engross, enmesh, entangle, enter into, enter into conflict with, entertain, fight with, fill one's time, gear with, hold the interest of, incipere, interest, interlock, join battle with, link, meet, mesh together, occupy, oppose, partake, participate, share, struggle, take on, take part, undertake, wage war, war with
Associated concepts: doing business, engaged in agricullure, engaged in commerce, engaged in doing business, engaged in interstate commerce, engaged in manufacture, engaged in transacting business, primarily engaged, princiially engaged
See also: agree, appoint, assume, battle, book, charge, coax, commit, contend, contract, delegate, dispute, employ, empower, engross, entrust, fight, hire, immerse, implicate, induct, lease, monopolize, nominate, participate, promise, provide, pursue, register, rent, retain, stipulate, undertake, vow
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Conversely, engagers of information were less likely to participate in water conservation behaviors.
Individuals with an engagement critical thinking style or engagers are highly engaged with their surroundings, and therefore, are likely to predict problems that will require critical thinking before they happen (Lamm & Irani, 2011).
Engagers are friendly, sociable - but not always extravert - and are comfortable with the need to network.
A respondent with a score of 78 or lower indicated the respondent preferred to engage in word of mouth communication and then critically think about the topic at hand and was considered an information engager.
In the trial, the Engager valve was delivered transapically and had 94.
The Engager therapy is designed for minimally-invasive delivery via a catheter inserted in the apex (the lower, pointed end) of the heart.
Le futur president des Crabes aura egalement a engager rapidement un nouvel entraineur apres le depart d'Abdelkader Amrani a l'ES Setif.
The transaction also includes a preclinical bispecific T cell engager programme directed at CD38 and CD3 for multiple myeloma.
Cette option a cependant ete abandonnee, vu le montant des frais a devoir engager rien que pour la maintenance et la mise a jour de cet imposant immeuble de verre.
Le parti de la Justice et du Developpement (PJD) a appele, samedi, son secretariat general a engager des concertations dans les meilleurs delais en vue de constituer une nouvelle majorite gouvernementale.
Lors d'une rencontre, hier matin, avec des hommes d'affaires egyptiens et irakiens, le chef du gouvernement les a exhortes a saisir l'occasion fournie actuellement et le soutien assure par les gouvernements des deux pays pour engager des partenariats benefiques aux deux peuples.
Fini l'epoque oE le Real Madrid etait en mesure de verser pres de 100 millions euros pour atteler un Cristiano Ronaldo ou le Barca etait pret a engager Zlatan Ibrahimovic pour un montant de 66 millions euros (46 millions euros en plus d'Eto'o) et s'en passer de lui un an plus tard.