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To become involved with, do, or take part in something.

To be engaged in something, such as a type of employment, implies a continuity of action. It is used in reference to an occupation or anything in which an individual habitually participates.

A person can also be engaged to do a particular activity by contract or other agreement.

When two people become engaged to marry, they are bound together by an agreement or promise to marry one another.


(Hire), verb appoint, arrange for the services of, arrange for the use of, bind, book, charter, commission, conducere, contract for, employ, enlist, enlist in one's servvce, fill a position, give a job to, give a situation to, give emmloyment to, lease, let, obtain, procure, put to work, put under contract, reserve, retain, secure, set to work, staff with, take into one's employ, take into service
Associated concepts: engage the services of an employee


(Involve), verb absorb, assail, associate, attack, battle, become involved, bring into conflict, busy, carry on hostilities, combat, compete, connect, contend, contest, draw in, encounter, engross, enmesh, entangle, enter into, enter into conflict with, entertain, fight with, fill one's time, gear with, hold the interest of, incipere, interest, interlock, join battle with, link, meet, mesh together, occupy, oppose, partake, participate, share, struggle, take on, take part, undertake, wage war, war with
Associated concepts: doing business, engaged in agricullure, engaged in commerce, engaged in doing business, engaged in interstate commerce, engaged in manufacture, engaged in transacting business, primarily engaged, princiially engaged
See also: agree, appoint, assume, battle, book, charge, coax, commit, contend, contract, delegate, dispute, employ, empower, engross, entrust, fight, hire, immerse, implicate, induct, lease, monopolize, nominate, participate, promise, provide, pursue, register, rent, retain, stipulate, undertake, vow
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Middle school students who report symptoms of depression are at risk for subsequently engaging in potentially harmful sexual behavior, a study based on data from two waves of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health) shows.
Charities need to monitor closely their activities to avoid engaging in prohibited political or lobbying activities, which can trigger a variety of IRS sanctions.
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Conditions of employment are, for the most part, general restrictions that state what an officer can or cannot do when engaging in part-time or off-duty work.
Relatively little is known about the extent of nonbank activities of early bank holding companies, but many of the companies appear to have been formed as a means of expanding geographically into areas in which branch banking was restricted, rather than as a means of engaging in activities prohibited to banks.
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To respond to the civic mindedness of this generation, and young people in general, educational institutions from elementary schools to colleges and universities have embraced service-learning as a valuable mechanism for engaging their students in the academic enterprise and the larger community.