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Karen Dargo of Engender added: "Although the number of women has risen, the performance of political parties north and south of the Border has been underwhelming on this issue.
The advent of an almost pervasive presence of information technology in healthcare facilities, however, provides new opportunities to engender patient confidence, and to reinforce patient trust in caregivers and healthcare facilities.
The overlapping SRLY and section 382 limitations engender considerable complexity as well as compliance and recordkeeping burdens for taxpayers.
Is there a way to minimize the instability the system can engender without jettisoning the gains?
The film hopefully will engender in the children of America a pride in the soil because the earth is our momma, and you want to be good to your momma.
Lamentable, of course, and although it seemed that the event should engender compassion, text-writer Rinde Eckert managed to create such a plotless, diffuse retelling that I hardly cared who died and how the survivors felt about it.
In Self-Discovery: There's Far More To You And Life Than You Ever Dared To Dream, he lays out an original system of self-discover and self-development he calls The Holistic Way (aka The WAY) in which practitioners will learn how to elevate their awareness, engender peace, and enhanced their sense of well-being, creativity, intelligence, and enlightenment.
According to the Federation of Gay Games, the purpose is "to foster and augment the self-respect of lesbians and gay men throughout the world and to engender respect and understanding from the nongay world.
The whole experience of the death and dismemberment of soldiers and civilians, vividly described, and the confusion of battle engender such feelings of uselessness and helplessness in him that he becomes numb, unable to act on moral choices he once knew to be right.
in the region's fractious and frequently bloody quarrels, and will likely engender resentments and animosities, giving birth to further terrorist attacks on Americans.