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The first two chapters trace how the courts and postwar popular culture sought to contain the possibilities engendered by interracial intimacy by locating the issue firmly in the private sphere, where it could not be a matter of civil rights.
The original plan of the development of an engendered curriculum for theological education in Africa was to use as many of the Circle's publications as possible.
The confluence of these changes has engendered much planning and implementation activity within the financial industry.
Zurich's Migros Museum made an ideal setting for an exhibition examining the emotions engendered by different kinds of spaces, as each of its galleries has its own, very particular atmosphere.
The district court ordered the county to pay the fees, finding that the PLRA stay provision only applied to prospective relief engendered within a consent decree, not to the entire decree.
Alabama's disclaimer, adopted six years ago, engendered months of controversy and led to threats of legal action.
Engendered theology challenges the traditional assumption that the male is normative; that male theology and male experience can speak equally for women.
The fear of death coupled with the crisis of authority in the church engendered anti-papalism, heresy, pogroms, the simultaneous internalizing and externalizing of religion -- all allegedly new phenomena -- leading in turn to Martin Luther, the first modern man, on whom Levine cites Heiko Oberman's Luther biography.
All of the above steps contributed to producing an engendered PRSP.
The simple fact of the matter is, in recent years there was irresponsible development, which engendered irresponsible operations.
In addition, the foreshortening of lead times on delivery of capital equipment, a result of information and other newer technologies, has engendered a more rapid adjustment of capital goods production to shifts in demand that result from changes in firms' expectations of sales and profitability.