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The taster session will provide an insight into the free Engendering Change course which aims to develop women's confidence and ability to get their voices heard in their community.
9) The LWF took the lead at a global level to begin the process of engendering theological education by organizing a consultation on "Engendering theological education for transformation" in Montreux, Switzerland, 4-8 November 2001.
Engendering Development is a project that faces in two directions.
A number of issues and rationales relevent to engendering theology were raised through biblical reflection in the daily worship, in plenary sessions and in regional and discipline group sessions, i.
Adler, Engendering Judaism, 88-95, especially 92 and 95.
A distinguished historian of medieval science, Grant foregrounds intellectual history, arguing that high medieval scholastics initiated the first Age of Reason, their systematic appeals to rational norms engendering the "deep-rooted scientific temperament" (2) critical to the early modern Age of Reason.
Rwanda on the other hand, has succeeded in engendering its PRSP because it initiated a series of deliberate steps.
The court of appeals in Maxwell found that posted signs were not necessary to avoid engendering fear and surprise in motorists stopped at the Soundview neighborhood checkpoint because motorists could see that all cars were being stopped.
They assert that allowing this crisis to play out, while doubtless having additional negative effects on growth in Asia, and engendering greater spillovers onto the rest of the world, is not likely to have a large or lasting impact on the United States and the world economy.
We submit, however, that amending the law retroactively to override a court's reasonable interpretation of an ambiguous provision, and doing so without proper consultations about the proper scope and application of a provision engendering controversy - is both unfair and an abuse of the government's legislative power.
Hahn very respectfully acknowledges the importance of engendering a more holistic empowerment philosophy throughout the field of rehabilitation as it currently exists.
The key to loyalty measurement is having a very clear picture of the economic value you are trying to create by engendering more of it, according to the latest issue of MarketingNPV(r) Journal, a publication focused on helping marketers make smarter decisions and stronger cases to secure, allocate, or defend resources.