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The full Engendering Change course will run over six Mondays from March 4 to April 22 from 9.
It was in this global context and taking its cue from the WCC Ecumenical and Theological Education conference on the "Journey of hope continued" of 2002 that the Circle embarked on the process of engendering the theological education in Africa project.
This paper describes in broad contours the vision of gender equality in Engendering Development and profiles the ways in which that vision diverges from the mainstream gender equality project on the international plane.
agency PRSP Engendering Committee was established to promote PRSP gender mainstreaming.
Thus, for selected products, exports became competitive with those of the market economies, engendering rapid overall economic growth.
Engendering a Nation attributes to a changing conception of nation and kingship the fact that women are more threatening in the first tetralogy than in the second: the overpowering menace of Joan la Pucelle and Margaret yields to the powerless docility of Hotspur's Kate, Mortimer's wife, and Princess Katherine in Henry V - and already in Richard III, Margaret's power disappears.
The key to loyalty measurement is having a very clear picture of the economic value you are trying to create by engendering more of it, according to the latest issue of MarketingNPV(r) Journal, a publication focused on helping marketers make smarter decisions and stronger cases to secure, allocate, or defend resources.
The Ark Trust condemned ``The World's Most Dangerous Animals'' and ``When Animals Attack'' for engendering fear of animals.
org is dedicated to engendering widespread global collaboration, providing the highest quality education and training and undertaking sophisticated outreach.
Furthermore, by enabling the mainframe to effectively consume Web services functionality, ServiceBuilder is engendering an impressive level of architectural agility as we truly incorporate the mainframe into the service-oriented world of Microsoft .
The WP-2000 Machine is a stimulation tool with 1 1/2-3 1/2 inch tubing, which uses 3-4,000 pounds of pressure, engendering a chemical breakdown in the molecules by scanning across the perforations creating an effect known as cavitation in the producing formations.