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The spleen and stomach are the latter heaven root, the source of the engenderment and transformation of the righteous qi.
Manhood in American culture, in the works of these writers, has been molded by a web of power relations, and American men have been victims of the engenderment processes, which have seemingly objectified and confined their masculinities into hegemonic constructions.
In early prose fiction, on the other hand, the act of the 'male parent's engenderment of the "child" becomes occluded.
Focusing on the sacrificial patterns of their engenderment, I discuss these differences and the way in which they are thought to 'emerge from the body'.
Few historians writing in the early years of the twentieth century paid particular attention to female experience, the engenderment of female power within the legal system, or even women's knowledge of the law--all which interest contemporary scholars.
A central appeal cited for the new technologies is that their users will no longer have to leave home, and paeans accumulate to the convenience of being able to access libraries and entertainments via personal computers that become less tools of engenderment than channels of consumption.
In other words, there is a double-action here: the refusal to accept the misnaming, the fixing of the subject that results as a consequence of the processes of racialization and engenderment as "quota queen," "breeder," or "welfare cheat," and the effort to occupy and redeem the identity "black woman.
I reckon the process of constructing a viable (if transitory) self to be extremely conflictual and chaotic in nature, so that the sort of desperate struggle to stay afloat in the turbulent "delay wake" of listening which I envisage strikes me as a pretty adequate paradigm for the engenderment of self-awareness.