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In this context, it is said that Ban Xia promotes the engenderment of yin, while Xia Ku Cao promotes the growth of yang.
It is a statement of fact within Chinese medicine that, if dampness is overwhelming (or victorious), this leads to the engenderment of "duck-stool" diarrhea.
The Body of Engenderment in the Hebrew Bible, the Rabbinic Tradition and the Kabbalah.
The spleen governs movement and transformation and is the origin of the engenderment and transformation of the qi and blood.
This process is central to what we call entitlement (Crowley, 1993), a central aspect of the subjective engenderment of men in male-dominant cultures.
Bai Zhu, Fu Ling, and mix-fried Can Cao fortify the spleen and boost the qi, thus promoting the source of the engenderment and transformation of essence and blood within the kidneys.
The infamous mirror stage allows Paster to theorize the dynamics of social inscription and engenderment and to justify her focus on shame and her examination of drama.