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Dwarf mondo grass is probably the easiest to maintain, and its deep green clumps engender a feeling of happy calm.
Our digital design industry demonstrates the talent our pioneering spirit engenders.
The objects seem dematerialized--both time-worn and ethereal--but the surface that engenders them remains tactile and sensual.
By fostering an environment that engenders business growth and productivity high and inflation low, the President will keep the IT industry moving forward.
Distinctive, clutter-busting creative that engenders brand recognition and message retention is obviously the first order of business," said Ed Cohen, senior vice president and creative director of noesis.
OASIS engenders participation from across the industry, bringing together competitors and overlapping standards bodies.
But homeowners can head off potential problems by taking advantage of ImproveNet's Contract Review service, which ensures that all the expectations of both parties are clearly spelled out before both are locked into a vague document that engenders unrealistic expectations.
This contributes to the owners' desire to create an historic place which engenders community in the built environment.
To start with, the name Britannica engenders trust and is synonymous with quality and depth.