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Both primigravidae and multigravidae who revealed poor knowledge and poor practices had been followed-up, and majority of them encountered with problems related to maternal posture namely musculoskeletal problems such as severe backache, neck pain, and problems owing to latch failure such as cracked nipple, breast engorgement, and mastitis.
Breast engorgement usually occurs when feeding is delayed or restricted or if the baby is unable to suck efficiently because he/she is not correctly attached to the breast.
This anti-inflammatory enzyme (serratiopeptidase) used thrice daily is effective therapeutic remedy for problems like breast engorgement, lateral or perineal laceration and post-operative swellings.
The steady engorgement of smartphone screen sizes and shrinking of tablets, in addition to Samsung's Galaxy Note II sales, might prove to be a sign on the sway Samsung can command over the entire market for mobile devices.
One reason for the disastrous engorgement of presidential powers was that all parties at the Convention tacitly agreed that the first president would be George Washington, whom even the most suspicious Anti-Federalists admired.
1), (2) As the mesenteric lymphadenopathy enlarges, it may compress the mesenteric vessels, partially obstructing venous return, resulting in engorgement of the enhanced mesenteric veins and making them more prominent within the sandwich filling.
And the fact that the Kama Sutra describes engorgement of the vaginal wall during sex isn't enough to pin our hopes on either.
For centuries, women have been reporting engorgement of the upper, anterior part of the vagina during the stage of sexual excitement, despite the fact the structure of this phenomenon had not been anatomically determined.