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The new method takes just two weeks, does not produce tumors, and engrafts well.
A team of scientists from Iowa, Taiwan, and Germany used embryonic stem cells containing the protein HOXB4 to engraft the bone marrow of mice whose immune systems had been destroyed by radiation.
They injected hAECs into the animals' peritoneal cavity to determine if the cells would migrate to the lung, engraft, and form functional lung epithelium.
Approximately 15 percent of these patients will either have a delay or failure to engraft the HSCs, resulting in a condition that is life threatening, expensive and often requires the continued support of the patient with blood products.
As part of their study, the research team proved, in mice, that endothelial cells reprogrammed from human amniotic cells could engraft into an injured liver to form stable, normal and functional blood vessels.
They have demonstrated that human liver cells taken from adult stem cells - known as induced-pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) - coaxed into an embryonic state can engraft and begin regenerating liver tissue in mice with chronic liver damage.
ISCO has previously reported how these HLC engraft in the liver of Gunn rats, a well-validated model of CN1 where the animals lack UGT1A1 and therefore accumulate toxic levels of unconjugated bilirubin.
Without such studies in human patients, we won't really know how transplanted cells behave, whether they disperse or migrate, whether they engraft or degenerate and die, whether immune-suppressing regimens really work or not.