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Combination therapy significantly enhanced the number of engrafted bone marrow stromal cells and neurogenesis in ischemic brain
Researchers confirmed 2 percent of the neurospheres on average were successfully engrafted and functioning in the monkeys' brains.
consists in the fact that, in narratives generated from the scriptural narrative, by which theological constructions imagine alien claims and communities somehow engrafted into the divine economy, Christ is the One toward whom the narratives run and from whom their truth (to the extent that they are true) derives.
These colors--ranging from white, green, black, red, and yellow to "blanched almonds," "gawky yellow," "fairy-tale green," "pale amber," "pinkish orange," "pinkish red," "yellowish green," "scarlet, purple," and "reddish brown"--create a phantasmagoric atmosphere glistening with diverse attitudes and moods of the painter--from the burdens of loneliness to impassioned delight in motherhood, from an engrafted sisterhood to sculpted silence.
In all the engrafted transplants, cells from one of the cords completely displaced the other within 100 days, Barker reported last month in Philadelphia at a meeting of the American Society of Hematology.
Island (1990), Those I Guard (1993), and The Engrafted Word (1998).
Using your own cells in this way would mean that your immune system wouldn't reject the newly engrafted tissues, since the tissues would be a perfect match.
The gentiles were saved by faith without the full obligation of the Torah, but they had to remember that it is the tree that supports the engrafted branches; the wild branches do not supplant the tree.
When they have been engrafted into the brains of mouse mutants that lack myelin, the cells appear to integrate throughout the brain and mature into oligodendrocytes, which can wrap myelin around certain nerve fibers.
Stewart's adversary in the House, Representative George Julian of Illinois, later predicted that "the misfortune of this legislation is heightened by the probability of its continuance," and lamented that this "wretched travesty" would be "permanently engrafted upon half a continent.
It is also significant that NiCord engrafted unusually fast with apparent robust immune reconstitution," said Dr.
Also, two ad-hoc efficacy analyses may be requested by Actinium after 70 and/or 110 patients have engrafted and given enough time to achieve the primary endpoint of durable complete remission at six months post-treatment.