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When asked by a friend to engrave six whiskey glasses, because he had a habit of asking "What's your poison" when offering a drink, she engraved a design including arsenic, strychnine, and hemlock.
The diverse ability of the custom laser equipment was met with one such enthusiastic inquiry to engrave butterflies, the meaning of the woman's native name.
With the soldering iron, engrave designs on the rubber strips.
This single-step laser' process is a purely digital means of printing forme imaging: simply engrave your desired design and rinse.
The laser engraver shall have an Engraving Area of a minimum of 18 X 12 and able to engrave material up to 4 thick.
Mark Churchill, aged 18, spent the past three years learning how to engrave glass while studying at the Glasshouse College, at the Ruskin Centre, in Amblecote, Stourbridge.
0mm And Gauge 220, Pvc Self Adhesive Tape Brown Colour (V3 Industrial Tape) Length 50mtrs, Width50mm, Plastic File-310mm(L)X240mm(W) With Bhel Emblem Engrave Left Side Of The File And Printed
During this period, he came across an article in Gun Digest by Jack Prudhomme called "How to Engrave Firearms.