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The engraved PS5 notes are estimated to be worth at least PS50,000 each.
When asked by a friend to engrave six whiskey glasses, because he had a habit of asking "What's your poison" when offering a drink, she engraved a design including arsenic, strychnine, and hemlock.
For differing reasons, both the rotary and laser engraved part will need to go through a post-process to passivate the surface.
I am sure I am not alone in hoping that once I have engraved Bishop Paul's name on the plaque it is quite some time before I am asked to engrave another.
He said: "Through this variety of engraved glass pieces I hope to show some of the magic involved in the art form.
Found to the rear of the cave on a small vertical limestone niche, the engraved cervid which is probably a stylised reindeer is shown side-on and measures approximately 15 x 11cm.
The reindeer was engraved over a mineral deposit known as a 'speleothem' (cave formation), which itself developed over a large piece of limestone.
Now, more than ever, we are being treated to an ever-increasing supply of engraved guns at the local gun shows.
This year's SHOT Show Auction will feature a highly collectible 25th anniversary Glock, an engraved Winchester Model 1892 Takedown rifle and two one-of-a-kind Ross Tyser knives.
Following this, Sturm Ruger has had 1,000 of these pistols made with a special-edition slide engraved by Baron Engraving, which runs Ruger's Custom Engraving Shop.
1 : to cut or carve (as letters or designs) on a hard surface <an engraved pattern>