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There are so many ornaments over here, engravings and bronzes which are called Japanese and which are really only imitations.
I recognized the old picture in a moment--the Saviour with bowed head seated at the centre of a long, rough table with scattering fruits and dishes upon it, and six disciples on either side in their long robes, talking to each other--the picture from which all engravings and all copies have been made for three centuries.
I'd better meet you on your own ground, and talk about your majolica and engravings.
Electronic auction: purchase of men~s and women~s watches with the image of the symbols of the republic of mordovia, dedication and engraving
A second rock featured an engraving of a horned snake, which measured out to be 30 meters.
Unparalleled in engraving definition, imagery, durability, surface cleanliness and manufactured with significant reductions in environmental impact, Radiance Glass is a transformation for the decorative glass market in North America.
To investigate whether these zig-zagging cuts were a result of intentional engraving of the bone, the researchers used macro- and micro-morphometric analysis of the marks and compared them to other artefacts from the same period.
K magazine, fingerprint engraving onto wedding rings is officially becoming a thing.
SPGPrints Pakistan organised Pre-Print Seminars in Karachi, Faisalabad and Lahore to introduce latest digital engraving technologies.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 5, 2016-Rowmark Acquires Engraving Plastic Distributor Bur-Lane
com)-- Vision Engraving & Routing Systems, the North America's largest engraving machine manufacturer, is set to attend the NECA Show October 04 to 06, 2015 booth #1814.
Barbara Button is a former chorus dancer, opera singer and glass engraver, who has just finished her latest commission - engraving a set of whiskey glasses.