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We have helped many electrical contractors find an in-house solution to their electrical engraving needs.
She said: "I bought an engraving machine and just started, it worked.
A 400,000-year-old fossilised shell from Java is said to have the earliest known engravings.
Of the many Howiesons Poort sites in southern Africa that have yielded ostrich eggshells, only Diepkloof shows evidence of stylistic engraving traditions," Texier said.
ISTANBUL, Feb 16, 2010 (TUR) -- An exhibition featuring a collection of Pablo Picasso's engravings opened Monday in Istanbul.
Since then, he's made his living principally as an illustrator, specialising in wood engraving, and wood cut.
The author contends that these engravings defined the nature of Western civilization by producing an image of the "savage other," and examines how the tools, materials, and techniques of copperplate engraving shaped Western responses to indigenous peoples.
Standex Engraving Group has acquired Carolina Roll Engravers, a manufacturer of engraved rollers in Concord, NC.
A DUDLEY teenager with a talent for engraving has had his work exhibited at an end of term show.
Alexander Anderson (1775-1870) was an important American illustrator who introduced the new technology of wood engraving to the American public.
ROYAL & LANGNICKEL introduces its new Mini Engraving Art, the 5" x 7" version of Royal's larger pre-printed Engraving Art.
Also featured was new equipment for laser marking and engraving and an electrostatic charger for in-mold labeling (IML).