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Some fanciers caught at the idea without believing it practicable, but such is the power of imagination among florists, that although considering the undertaking as certain to fail, all their thoughts were engrossed by that great black tulip, which was looked upon to be as chimerical as the black swan of Horace or the white raven of French tradition.
For four hours Adrienne sat bending over her toil, deeply engrossed in the occupation, and flattering herself with the fruits of her success.
But it was all planned, and I was so engrossed in thinking of the ancient treasures I hope to find that I never thought of a possible trick.
Summary: The students were so engrossed in shooting that they failed to notice the train coming towards them.
In the evening on May 5, a complete copy of the engrossed text was still not available.
Prosecutor Shaun BartlettEvans said the camera operator was astounded to see a Ford Fiesta approach with the driver "apparently engrossed in a book which was resting on the steering wheel".
With a dozen novels' worth of fully-voiced dialogue, it's easy to become engrossed in this world.
An engrossing story, Forever, Interrupted discusses bonds, breaks, and the events that tie strangers together in a furiously-paced storm of emotion that will keep readers engrossed to the end.
The colourful springs expanding and contracting to form shapes and movement in the slinky show is sure to keep the audience engrossed.
This Legislative Review reports that: (1) the 2009-11 State Board of Higher Education budget plan begins House Appropriations hearings; (2) engrossed SB 2018, the Department of Commerce budget bill, was heard in the House Appropriations Committee Wednesday, February 25; and (3) engrossed SB 2019, the Career and Technical Education appropriation bill, was heard in the House Appropriations Committee, Education and Environment Division, Thursday, February 26.
Young readers of this engagingly entertaining picturebook will find themselves totally engrossed in the story--right down to the surprise at the end
Blending history with fantasy, Marillier is a masterful storyteller with a spellbinding voice that keeps readers engrossed.