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The Wheel of Immersion is divided into four different levels - our own, Reality, and the levels from Brown and Cairns (2004): Engagement, Engrossment, and Total immersion.
145) It has now become quite a cliche to 'try to prove Brenner wrong', frequently by scholars showing that the path towards agrarian capitalism and large commercialised farms could also take a 'peasant route', via engrossment and consolidation from below.
These stages are, according to Brown and Cairns (2004), engagement, engrossment, and total immersion.
aesthetic reading, with engrossment and full focus.
The conflict was just too involved, and initially removed from western engrossment that only few knew what to think.
Here Zurskii points out Tolstoy's dissatisfaction with Shakespeare, especially with the latter's engrossment in the pursuit of entertainment at the cost of morality.
This friendship across the Pacific was fuelled by their mutual intellectual engrossment in seeing how the world, in particular how democracies, worked.
Rather, the rise of Islamic State in the Levant4 and Iraq has brought the phenomenon of the non-sate actors back on top of the analytical inquiry with new dimensions including wealth, social engrossment, and global ideological appeal.
Evaluation, being a function of language with which speakers relate to each other (Martin & White, 2005), could thus be a feature that indicates more rather than less of such engrossment, which the communications literature calls social presence (see also Lombard & Ditton, 1997; Oztok & Brett, 2011; Picciano, 2002).
The processes of eighteenth-century agrarian capitalism did not cease with the enclosure of Brightwalton in 1721, and it is difficult not to equate the decline of morris dancing there with William (IV) Savory's remarks regarding the subsequent engrossment of land within the Manor Farm and the disappearance of freeholders and life-hold estates.
Though a great deal more can be written about this film, this paper reflects on an irrepressible rush made present in filmic and urban intermittent motions, as well as the phenomenon of engrossment in Go
2) How does the engrossment in 'machinic funk' and addiction to machines lead to social reclusion (hikikomori), and to a kind of tearing away of consciousness, a Zerrissenheit of subjectivity or absolute dismemberment?