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Participation in these popular recreations would have been important in formulating and consolidating the social ties that bound such people together, although these would ultimately have come under threat as the continued effects of enclosure and engrossment meant that some parishioners profited, whereas others lost out.
In both the city and the cinema, intermittent motion normally remains invisible, but Menken explicates this motion, weaving it into the rhythmic composition of the film and relating it to larger themes of cinematic and urban spectacle and engrossment.
This interactive, relational process consists of three components: Engrossment, action and reciprocity.
Khater warned that Israel was plotting to take advantage of preoccupation of the Palestinians with their internal disputes and the Arabs' engrossment in the "spring events" to take further and dramatic steps to complete its judization policies in the occupied territories.
The artist's engrossment with Dvorak's compositions for piano two-hands is, however, evident not only in her text but also, and primarily, in her honest and winsome playing.
As a direct result of engrossment in the value management process, participants generally attain a better general understanding of the scheme.
While data enlisted under "Feelings" reflected a singular theme and thus rechristened as active engrossment, the data coagulated under "Antecedents" was separable to two themes again which were named as--perceived autonomy and perceived trust.
These injuries are, in part, a consequence of the repetitive nature of the games; the rapid decelerations associated with aggressive gameplay with little resistance from the Wii remote that can result in significant eccentric loading leading to ultrastructural damage [38]; and the engrossment of the player, where unlike with real sports, physical strength and endurance are not likely to be limiting factors.
If the bill is approved on second reading, it moves to either third reading or engrossment.
Such an efficacious outlook fosters intrinsic interest and deep engrossment in activities (Bandura 1997).
Marvell, we are told by John Milward, another diarist, was one of the speakers against the renewal, and on March 30 he was the only speaker who opposed it when it was brought in for engrossment (225, 238).
If they adopt the ethic of care proposed by Noddings (2005b), they are asked to become teachers who are characterized by receptiviness, relatedness, and engrossment.