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For a moment the two eyed each other in silence, and then the great cat turned into the jungle, which swallowed her as the ocean engulfs a tossed pebble.
At the ministry to which Rabourdin belonged there flourished, as general-secretary, a certain Monsieur Clement Chardin des Lupeaulx, one of those men whom the tide of political events sends to the surface for a few years, then engulfs on a stormy night, but whom we find again on a distant shore, tossed up like the carcass of a wrecked ship which still seems to have life in her.
He pointed out that firemen had succeeded in putting out the blaze before it could spread to engulf other parts of the pall, adding that an inquiry had been launched.
The whole area was engulfed in smoke as soaring flames continued to engulf houses in this thickly populated posh locality.
Flames engulf a portion of Tamweel residential tower at Jumeirah Lakes Towers
THE 6f maiden at Doncaster looked a match between Engulf and Alkhataaf and that was the way things panned out, but it was 11-10 second best Alkhataaf who got the better of the evens favourite in the closing stages.
The nearby shopkeepers were rushing to empty their shops before the fire could engulf to their supermarket.
This may be true in Africa, where Hunter has more experience, but had she looked beyond the hype at any real data, Hunter would have found that HIV infection does not, in fact, threaten to engulf Asia in social and economic chaos.
At least two species of honeybees there, the native Apis cerana and the introduced European honeybee, Apis mellifera, engulf a wasp in a living ball of defenders and heat the predator to death.
In reclaiming its independence and restoring its territory, Bulgaria became the Lion of the Balkans--although later events of history would surely engulf the Lion in more warfare.
The wealthier member states of the European Union are already bracing themselves for the "welfare migration" that is certain to engulf them once the continent's constitution is ratified.
A certified organic aroma will engulf you, as you rid your hair of the chemical ingredients found in many conventional shampoos.