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I have referred to the fact, known to the defendant at the time, that engulfment is the commonest cause of accidental death in the grain industry.
Experts project these conditions could create the deadliest year for grain engulfment accidents since 2010.
Furthermore, it seems unlikely that mitochondria were engulfed since engulfing food requires a lot of energy, which in eukaryotes is provided by mitochondria, and engulfment likely also requires mitochondrial-derived lipids.
can oxidize), the sudden vapor expansion accompanies the fire engulfment and thermal radiation in a much more destructive event (chemical explosion/BLEVE).
See Silva, Toward a Global Idea of Race, 2007, specifically Part II, for definitions of strategy of particularization, strategy of intervention, strategy of engulfment.
For White, the unconscious processes invested in writing are destructive because they tear apart the rational assignment of signified to signifier, disorder meaning, and allow for the engulfment of reason within the corporeal.
It is a complex engulfment between not just the role and a certain present but between the role and a past, which is no doubt in part fictitious or imaginary.
The third subscale, Emotional Cutoff, reflects feeling threatened by intimacy and feeling excessive vulnerability in relationships with others; this vulnerability leads to fears of engulfment and defensive behaviors such as distancing and denial.
22) The foreground celebrates conquest; the background displays a fear of engulfment and emasculation.
The configurations of such spaces may increase workers' exposure to entrapment, engulfment and/or hazardous atmospheric conditions, which can lead to serious physical injury, illness or death.
Confined spaces present increased risk of serious injury and exposure to hazards such as entrapment, engulfment in water, soil or other debris, and dangerous atmospheric conditions (presence of toxins or lack of oxygen).
Further, in this study, addition of BAFLOP in the diet tended to increase the total number of rumen ciliate protozoa and it is now well established that rumen protozoa have a pH stabilizing effect in the rumen due to engulfment of excess starch from the rumen and storage as amylopectin.