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In the macrophage engulfment trial, a significant decrease in engulfment percentage took place in treatment groups compared to the control group.
This underscores Woolf s concern that subjective dissociation from the connective tissues of society, taken to extremes, risks engulfment in seas of universal, indifferent space and time, but it also suggests that she related this concern to an anxiety about the increasingly contingent status of Great Britain itself.
Emperipolesis is the engulfment of living and intact hematopoietic cells in the cytoplasm of the host cell [1, 2].
Exposure to and engulfment of pathogen-derived products at the site of vaccination or infection activates APCs and triggers their production of inflammatory cytokines.
Colchicine is microtubule inhibiting agent used for thecure of various skin ailments causing inflammation and reduction of pain in gouty arthritis.The current study was designed to evaluate the effect of colchicine on cellular immune responses in mice.Cellular immune responses were assessed indelayed type hypersensitivity (DTH) assay, macrophage engulfment assay, cyclophosphamide induced neutropenic test and nitric oxide (NO) production assay.Colchicine was administered to mice at doses of 40ug/kg, 80ug/kg and 160ug/kg intraperitoneally.
"All of the elements that would make up a rocky planet are exactly the elements that are enhanced on Kronos, and the volatile elements are not enhanced, so that provides a strong argument for a planet engulfment scenario, instead of something else," Oh explained.
Control of the engulfment of apoptotic cells by surrounding phagocytic cells.
The engulfment of foreign body may be accidental or due to bad habits.
The phagocytic activity of the cells was validated by engulfment of ink (Figure 1(c)), and the Kupffer cells were further identified by fluorescently labeled F4/80 antibody (Figure 1(d)).
Inflammation-mediated hepatocyte cell death and its engulfment by HSC result in a profibrogenic response and also activate Kupffer cells [8,9].
Kupffer cells were isolated from pathogen-free male C57/BL6 mice (6-8 weeks, weighing 20 [+ or -] 0.5 g) as previously described [14], and their identity was authenticated by the engulfment of immunofluorescence beads.