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In case, countries fail to take such sincere actions, measures are being considered for the follow-up of the implementation of the conventions, including a review mechanism of the action to enhance the degree of implementation.
They use Bangladesh soil to prepare and release such films, and their objective is to widen the gulf enhance the degree of antagonism between Bangladesh and Pakistan.
Therefore, Ag/C nanocables enhance the degree of crosslinking, which subsequently leads to the formation of more highly crosslinked areas.
Of course, factors such as lower elasticity of demand and absence of a substitute should enhance the degree of pleasure of consumption.
And having lots of clubbers all encamped in one place tends to enhance the degree of lunacy.
Meeting with this External Consultative Committee is intended to enhance the degree of information sharing and the raising of awareness on different aspects of the Year 2000 problem by both public and private sectors within the global financial markets.
These changes will further enhance the degree of integration across Rockwell Collins, which has already proven to be one of our competitive advantages," said Jones.
In a departure from most Hollywood film sets where telephones are actually non-working props, all Philips devices seen in "Enemy of the State" were fully functional so that the actors could hold live phone conversations on camera and further enhance the degree of realism sought by the producer.
The OPA contract will benefit BRPI by increasing the proportion of contracted revenues from approximately 50% of annual generation to approximately 70%, and consequently enhance the degree of stability and predictability in cash flows.
Moving forward, we are looking to acquire and/or provide a broader array of technologies and services under the Paid brand that enhance the degree of interactivity and ultimately attract more fans to our clients' online communities.