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Increase in value; improvement.

Enhancement is generally used to mean an increase in the market value of property that is the result of an improvement.

The enhancement of a criminal penalty means the increase of punishment, such as by increasing a jail sentence. This type of enhancement might be affected when the criminal's motive is found to be particularly depraved.


(Exaggeration), noun elaboration, embellishment, exaggeration, hyperbole, magnification, overstatement, superlative


(Increase), noun accession, advance, aggrandizement, amelioration, amendment, amplification, augmentation, betterment, boom, deepening, enlargement, enrichment, exaltation, heightening, improvement, intensification, melioration, progress, reform, renewal, revaluation, strengthening
See also: accession, additive, advance, amendment, augmentation, boom, correction, development, enlargement, hyperbole, increase, progress, reform, renewal
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28 site enhancements in the Augusta area, and a new site in nearby Aiken, SC (provides additional coverage along Hwy 278 and Hwy 302)
Columbus, GA (multiple site enhancements, including those to provide coverage along US 80 near Ladonia between Phenix City and Crawford.
In addition to developer productivity enhancements such as tight integration with Visual Studio and improved business intelligence development tools, SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 includes many new and enhanced features in database programmability such as improved T-SQL exception handling, enhanced XML support, tighter integration with the Microsoft .
In addition, Analysis Services takes advantage of enhancements to Visual Studio 2005 and introduces an online mode that allows developers to develop their applications in real time.
Focus Enhancements demonstrated its world-ready UWB solution, including operation at both the lower WiMedia bands and the higher frequency bands at near 6 Gigahertz (GHz) expected by European UWB regulations.

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