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Griffith's Broken Blossoms, or, The Yellow Man and the Girl (1919), the classic Orson Welles noir The Lady from Shanghai (1947), the neo-noir Chinatown (Roman Polanski, 1974), Ridley Scott's dystopic sci-fi Blade Runner (1982) and French artist Sophie Calle's 2003 multimedia installation Exquisite Pain (La Douleur Exquise) are described by King as enigmatic sites.
Admittedly, Overdose's background errs to the enigmatic.
If an iconic building must have a new and provocative image, but cannot directly call on the iconography that underlay traditional or religious architecture (because that is no longer believed), then it must produce enigmatic signifiers that allude to unusual codes.
In the enigmatic universe of Reygadas's cinema, this leads first to sex and then death; the movie's title has the effect of locating a cosmic struggle within everyday life.
A new study suggests that these enigmatic waters expand when their permafrost banks melt, rather than when wind-driven currents cause erosion, as scientists had proposed for decades.
Uneven wall and ceiling surfaces sported enigmatic scratches, smudges, combinations of dots and grids, as well as drawings and painted figures whose narrative meaning had been rendered unfathomable by the passage of time.
40pm, Channel4) with the enigmatic Antonius Pius (6-1 generally).
Her work on radiation--which eventually killed her--led to the discovery of two new elements and won her two Nobel Prizes, and her enigmatic personality also is explored here.
One of Soho's most enigmatic commercial properties is being brought to market by an affiliate of Lighthouse Real Estate Ventures of Lynbrook, New York.
While often presenting pricing strategies and considerations in the enigmatic way of Eastern thought, Marlene also offers up innumerable examples of the most-effective pricing tactics and practical ideas for increasing your profits.
The following extract is from an interesting lengthy article entitled: "Toronto's Enigmatic Cardinal Carter dies," in the American Catholic weekly The Wanderer (April 16, 2003).
Through the example of the enigmatic, if abusive and rude mental patient Rodney Yoder, John Cloud raises important questions about the field of psychiatry and its applicability to those "spectacular jerks" who, in another time, might be considered ordinary criminals.