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Robert Frost's Enigmatical Reserve: The Poet as Teacher and Preacher.
This would not be an unlikely scenario in light of the enigmatical analytic stance of the therapist.
The voice of nature is intelligible; that of falsehood is ambiguous, enigmatical, mysterious; the way of truth is straight; that of imposture is crooked and dark.
The relativity of these constructions can perhaps be best appreciated in Cymbeline in the imaginative play surrounding the contemplation of eighteenth-century revisions of the following enigmatical lines of the work.
If I had drawn them on the sandy floor, what enigmatical problems they had been to those around me, and what plain, readable, intelligent histories they had been to me
The scene is frequently examined for insights into Heathcliff's enigmatical character.
Neither Flecknoe's poems in Epigrams of All Sorts (1670) nor his prose sketches in Enigmatical Characters (1658) warrant such an attack.
Resolution of the preceding enigmatical Canon by Mosheles [sic]
Shakespeare lets the opportunity slip and the enigmatical princess and her handkerchief disappear without further elaboration A measure of the playwright's unsteadiness at this juncture is that the line that follows the curtailed account of the handkerchief--"And I did never ask it you again"--is as inert and bloodless a pentameter as any ever attributed to Shakespeare's pen.
Certainly, Emerson is enigmatical enough to invite a variety of interpretations.
Wheeler relates the garden symbolism of this poem to the author's aesthetic and philosophical thinking, commenting particularly on the enigmatical third stanza, which she regards as embodying a truly Coleridgean 'theory of mind' (36).