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In my paintings, the opposing realities of nature and contemporary urban life coexist enigmatically within a pure color universe.
There is still plenty of that here, but there are also familiar classics by Mozart (Serenata Notturna and Eine Kleine Nachtmusik [surely most classical music fans have by now already heard the old story about the poor fellow asking the record store clerk whether they stock any recordings of a charming work by Mozart enigmatically titled I'm Inclined to Knock Music; if you had never heard it before, I hope you enjoyed it] and Mozart's father, Leopold (the "Toy" Symphony, which in this recording features electronic toys--I thought it was kind of fun, at least the first couple of times I heard it, but my wife and daughter found it annoying in the extreme, and my dog seemed a bit perplexed).
The latter's cool portrayal of psycho-spiritual urban estrangement, especially in Zabriskie Point, is an obvious influence on Villeneuve's enigmatically titled Un 32 aout sur terre (in English, August 32nd on Earth).
It's a love story; let's just leave it at that," he says enigmatically.
I'm one-third into a three-year contract," he comments enigmatically.
Through enigmatically named manifestations of the Internet such as World Wide Web, Usenet, and Listserv, a number of priests have fostered online ministries, fielding doctrinal and theological questions from both Catholics and non-Catholics.
When asked why, Jane Willson smiled enigmatically and said, "We just don't want to.
The father, we are enigmatically told, dies "in a trap that he had helped only a little to set" (370).
Enigmatically liberating and tied up around its knotted complex, the "endless" conversation of Blanchot's writing turns "fiction" toward an experience of listening--a far cry from the storytelling most fiction (still) takes itself to be.
When astronomer Charles Kowal in 1977 discovered the object now called Chiron between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, it was known enigmatically as "Object Kowal.
An old man seated behind Tom tapped him on the shoulder and enigmatically remarked: "Something strange is going to happen to you, and you must not doubt it.