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These two characters speak to the historical and the imagined Auerbach, as they present, in essence, two competing personae for the exiled philologist: the former, the stage Jew, enmeshed in politics and money, vengeful and easily caricatured; the latter, the scholar enisled with his books, willfully removed from public and political life, who closes his play with a dismissal of the actors and his magic.
Hillis Miller, "Parabolic Exemplarity: The Example of Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra," in Gelley, Unruly Examples, 162-74, and his "Derrida Enisled," in W.
But while his family could be called globalized, Perowne solidly identifies himself with his native, enisled society.
in the sea of life enisled, With echoing straits between us thrown, Dotting the shoreless watery wild, We mortals live alone.
Kevin," which he sent to Harriet Shaw Weaver dated 16 July 1923, contains the phrases "supreme epicentric lake isle," "an enisled lakelet islanding a lacustrine islet," and "a rubric penitential honeybeehivehut," indicating that he had Yeats in mind as a St.